Realbuzz Running Adventures - Australia

Explore stunning Australia with our virtual 10k, Half Marathon, Marathon and 100 mile Challenge.

We have one-to-one training support from expert coaches, stunning medals, high quality running t-shirts and much more in our unique festival area. We have routes for all the major cities, the outback and many more, so you'll feel as close to the destination as we can get you!

This isn't your normal virtual event, this is the Australian Virtual Running Festival from realbuzz Running Adventures.

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Discover Australia

You can choose from the Lucky Country 10k, the Land Down Under Half Marathon the Terra Australis Marathon (that's the original name for Australia) or the Madjedbebe 100 Mile Challenge (Madjedbebe is the site of the oldest human habitation in Australia).

Don't worry, all of events can be run over multiple days, so you don't have to do them in a single day.

There are a number of fascinating routes that you can pick, from Perth to Sydney and many in between. You'll be able to unlock bonus content as you upload your evidence.

Every event package also comes with a range of bonus digital goodies, like downloadable race numbers, certificates and selfie frames. There is also a detailed festival section where you can find out everything you need to know about this amazing country.

And it doesn't end there! We have a team of expert coaches on hand to guide you on your adventure. Simply contact them via the Training Support zone to get personalised training support. All FREE of charge and included with each entry.

What's Included

Every Australia Virtual Running Experience entry comes with your very own Finisher Pack, Race Pack and Travel pack - here's what you'll be getting:

Finisher Pack

  • Premium technical running t-shirts
  • High quality bespoke medals
  • Digital finisher certificate
  • Digital finisher photo

(The medal only packages don't include the technical running t-shirt, but these are available to purchase as you enter the event. Everything else is included.)

Race Pack

  • Direct online access to expert running coaches
  • Track progress on your chosen route (details below)
  • Race bib
  • Training plans
  • Digital training photo
  • Access to Realbuzz Club, an online community
  • Support & training

Travel Pack

  • Spotify playlist
  • Zoom background(s)
  • Colouring guides and puzzles
  • Destination themed arts and craft ideas
  • Downloadable recipe cards
  • Downloadable drink cards

Brain Research UK

50 Mile Australia Challenge

£27 / US$39 / AU$49

Join the 50 Mile Challenge and support Brain Research UK, our partner charity. Don't worry you can run or walk 50 miles over as many days as you like, not all on one day!

The event T-shirt and medal both help us celebrate 50 years of this amazing charity; the leading national funder dedicated to research into neurological conditions.

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The Events

Medal Only or Medal & T-Shirt options are available, simply select from the list below. Or create your own bundle by entering more than one event (configurable on the event entry form) and get FREE SHIPPING on every additional event your enter.

Lucky Country 10k
Medal only £15, US$21, AU$27
Land Down Under Half Marathon
Medal only £15, US$21, AU$27
Terra Australis Marathon
Medal only £15, US$21, AU$27
Madjedbebe 100 Mile Challenge
Medal only £15, US$21, AU$27
Lucky Country 10k
£27, US$39, AU$49
Land Down Under Half Marathon
£27, US$39, AU$49
Terra Australis Marathon
£27, US$39, AU$49
Madjedbebe 100 Mile Challenge
£27, US$39, AU$49

The Bundles

Feeling adventurous or simply want to make some great savings?! Then enter one of our great bundles, each includes the event medal and technical T-shirt.


Lucky Country 10k and Land Down Under Half Marathon

(save 10% on average and also get FREE tracked shipping on the 2nd event) £49, US$69, AU$89
Gone Walkabout

Lucky Country 10k and Terra Australis Marathon

(save 10% on average and also get FREE tracked shipping on the 2nd event) £49, US$69, AU$89
Fair Dinkum

Land Down Under Half Marathon and Terra Australis Marathon

(save 10% on average and also get FREE tracked shipping on the 2nd event) £49, US$69, AU$89
Hard Yakka

Lucky Country 10k, Land Down Under Half Marathon and Terra Australis Marathon

(save 15% on average and also get FREE shipping on the 2nd and 3rd event) £69, US$99, AU$125

The Merchandise

Purchase exclusive Australia Virtual Running Experience merchandise when you enter and don't pay for any extra shipping. The exclusive range includes;

  • Neck Warmer - £7.99, US$11.99, AU$14.99
  • Leisure Baseball Cap - £14.99, US$20.99, AU$26.99
  • Event technical T-Shirts all 4 distances - £14.99, US$20.99, AU$26.99
  • Hoody - £24.99, US$34.99, AU$44.99

Items will be posted out along with the finisher pack.

Baseball cap

Run for Charity

Use your realbuzz Running Adventure journey to raise money for a charity close to your heart. You can either make a donation when you enter, or join their team when you enter and raise money for them from family and friends. Our charity partners really appreciate your support.

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